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Gifts at Work

Making Opera Accessible to All

The Met strives to bring affordable opera to everyone, regardless of income. Rush Tickets and Met Opera Students are two programs that help make this vision a reality.

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Discovering the Next Generation of Opera Talent

The Metropolitan Opera Eric and Dominique Laffont Competition embodies the Met’s commitment to future operatic excellence through a quest to find and nurture exceptional young singers.

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The Met Heralds New Premieres and Commissions From an Exciting and Diverse Group of Artists

The Met will celebrate its re-opening with three world premieres and will continue its commitment to new voices in opera with the announcement of multiple commissioned works in seasons to come.

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Global Summer Camp Nurtures Opera's Next Generation

The summer is usually a quieter time at the Met, but this year, thanks to the pandemic, we engaged and built a new opera audience who will carry on the love of the art form long after this crisis is a memory.

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Bringing Opera to the World During a Pandemic

For nearly 90 years, the Met has been the undisputed leader in bringing live performances to opera lovers everywhere. It started with our radio broadcasts in 1930, continued with the addition of PBS telecasts, and for the last 14 years, has expanded through Live in HD performances in movie theaters in 73 countries, and the creation of the 24-hour Met Opera Radio station on SiriusXM.

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